About Us

From Hobby to Hustle

What started as a hobby turned into a hustle then grew into a business as a self starter former pro basketball player who was injured playing in China decided to go into manufacturers and learn the process backwards of how to create clothing. Being a self taught designer I’ve had to pull from my grind ethic in order to establish the basic fundamentals to bring my brand to where it is now. What you are witnessing now is a transformation from the JV to the Varsity. Since partnering with Phillip Westbrooks, CEO and owner of spectrum solutions and a well known Arizona fashion Icon, we’ve gained the valuable leadership and business acumen necessary to take our business to the next level. Now produced in the USA our brand is ready to take the world by storm. My international connection as a former professional basketball player in Europe and China has provided me a network of opportunities many could only wish for. Moving forward we will exhaust every lead to locate the perfect partners for Prodigal Sun Designer both locally and abroad.