About Prodigal $un

To owner and independent designer Brandon Hartley, Prodigal $un Designer is known as the “Next Phase”.  After a 5 year professional basketball career that carried me all over the USA, Europe and Asia was cut short due to injury in 2010, I then decided to turn to my passion for fashion and start Prodigal $un Designer. Although I carry a degree in Business, as a designer I am untrained and self-taught, which makes my designs somewhat unorthodox. This is what I love about Prodigal $un, everything you see is RAW!  From the designs, to the fits, to the photos, to the website, to the future fashion shows it’s like a freestyle rap with no beat, STRAIGHT RAW!  2018 will be a huge year for Prodigal Sun as I will introduce many new styles to go along with my luxury leather products, as well as taking part in multiple fashion and trade shows. We are also implementing MADE IN USA production, and utilizing high end Riri Zippers. My influence comes from many designers but mainly vintage metal, 90’s rap, and classic biker looks. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for many giveaways and promotions. Email Prodigalsunclothing@gmail.com for any freelance work, clothing line connections, consulting, possible investments, or just to say what’s up!

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